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Podiatrist Talks Summer Foot Wear, Proper Care and Common Complaints

Podatrist Lauren A. Perica, of Valley Podiatry Associates, notes good foot care is a daily undertaking.

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5 Signs That You Should See a Podiatrist

Our feet are the endlessly working, thankless body parts that we rarely consider in need of a doctor.

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Flip-Flops Are a Summer Staple. But Should They Be?

Summer sunshine often means sleeveless tops and shorter hemlines, but it also heralds the re-emergence of another seasonal staple: the flip-flop.

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When It Comes to Good Health, Don't Forget About Your Feet

If you wore a pedometer from the day you started walking, you’d have logged in more than 70,000 miles by the time you hit age 50.

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Your Health: What to Do About Bunions

Your big toe deserves some sympathy. Its position and length set it up for stubbing and other injuries.

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